Randall Cares


I am Randall, founder of Randall’s Sandals. I have been fortunate enough to grow up around water, beaches, and boats my whole life. I am proud to call San Diego, CA my home and business center.  A home isn’t just where you lay your head every night. A home is a place you feel safe, loved, and togetherness. It is in these moments we come together for a common purpose; to unite our communities and to help this unique world of ours thrive. 
Randall’s Sandals is the first brick and mortar store whose entire platform is based around helping the environment and giving to charities, locally and globally. This once simple sandal shop has now become an important pillar in the San Diego community, and the smaller, and smaller world we are living in today. The concept is still simple: focus on carrying the best beach essentials with an emphasis on local, eco-friendly, and charitable products that give back to the community.
Embrace the beach mentality and Keep it Simple in Sandals! Sandals are the #1 footwear worn around the world! Sandals are a staple for locals, and a must have souvenir for our beloved tourists. What better combination than that of carrying these great local products, the “farm to table” concept, and carrying eco-friendly and charitable products all in one friendly, free spirited, brick and mortar storefront called Randall’s Sandals, where you can shop with pride!
At Randall’s Sandals it is my hope you free your mind, body, and spirit, as well as your feet! I wish the beach spirit upon everyone, wherever their lives may take them, because it is this spirit and vibe that will unite world together. Thank you for taking time to be a part of this important, ever-growing cause.

When We are United, We can be Heard.

One Love